commercial roof system maintenance atlanta ga

Your commercial roof will see a lot of wear and tear during its lifetime. To keep it in peak condition, you should invest in commercial roof system maintenance. The experts at Georgia Commercial Roofing in Atlanta, GA are prepared to handle all your maintenance requests. A typical maintenance schedule includes checkups every three to five years.

During a maintenance appointment, your inspector will:

  • Probe every seam to make sure there are no openings
  • Inspect all roof drains and gutters
  • Check all flashings and around each roof opening.
  • Inspect and service the parapet walls as needed
  • Install a new termination bar

Our outstanding employees will make sure every part of your roof is inspected properly. Sign up for commercial roof membrane maintenance in Atlanta, GA as soon as possible.

Choose a company that stands behind their work

The staff at Georgia Commercial Roofing takes great pride in the quality of our commercial roof system maintenance. We thoroughly check every aspect of your roof, looking for the smallest issues. If we installed your original roof, you'll even receive routine maintenance as part of your warranty.

Call 678-278-9441 today to find out more about our commercial roof membrane maintenance work in Atlanta, GA. We'll gladly answer your questions.